Trainings and subcontracting

As an effort to support our customers, we offer ‘Customized Trainings’ for the resources of the clients and empower them with increased efficiency for a particular project. These trainings can be conducted ‘In house’ or ‘online’. We have expert trainers for following technologies/databases - .NET, Php, MySql, SQL server.

Resource augmentation or subcontracting is another way we enable our clients to execute their projects successfully and efficiently.

 Custom Application development

We believe in being one stop shop or end to end solution provider for our customer’s IT needs. We design and develop software applications – web based as well as windows based, as per the requirements of the customer. The technologies we master are Microsoft  and various Open sources technologies as well.

Enhancements and support

Working on existing codes/predeveloped applications can turn out to be a nightmare at times. Chetana’s development team is all geared up to take up this challenge. We offer great insight which is required to study the existing code, fix it if necessary and then continue the further development on the same project till the end. We also offer to document the existing system to enable the further maintenance of the code along with new amendments.

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